How to research

In order to simulate a professional and realistic debate during the conference, delegates are expected to conduct their own research in regard to the topics that are to be discussed and their countries’ position in relation to these topics. It is especially important that the delegates remember to defend the position of the country they represent at all times, rather than their own personal opinion on the matter.

In order to achieve this, general knowledge and information about the assigned country is required. Important areas of research for the delegates are for example their country’s type of government, the political orientation of the members of the government and the country’s relations to other nations in terms of allies and enemies. The delegates should also research to what extent their country was/is involved in the assigned topic and should thus be aware of any past or present treaties and/or collaborations of their country. Furthermore, the delegates need to be aware of their country’s role and position in the United Nations. Useful information can thus be found on the official United Nations websites, which also offer an Advanced Search or Documents Search in order to research specific countries or topics.




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